Festival Feu et GLace 2024 Repentigny Gnucksquad

Feu et Glace on February 10, 2024

GnuckSquad lit the final Saturday of the Fire and Ice Festival at Parc de l'Île Lebel in Repentigny. The lineup featured performances by DJs Gnucky and Korfus. The stage lighting consisted of RGB tubes, lasers, powerful geysers, strobes, parleds, and moving heads. Feu et Glace au Parc de l’Île Lebel à Repentigny. La programmation incluait des performances par les DJs Gnucky and Korfus. L’éclairage de la scène était composé de tubes RGB, de lasers, de geysers puissants, de strobes, de parleds et de moving heads.

GnuckSquad Korfus Repentigny Feu et Glace
Korfus au spectacle GnuckSquad, Feu et Glace 2024


DJ Gnucky played from 19h30 to 20h00, warming up the crowd with tech house mashups.

Feu et glace gnucky Repentigny 2024
GnuckSquad Show at Feu et Glace 2024
Feu et Glace 2024 Gnucky
Gnucky on stage at Feu et Glace 2024

From 8:30pm to 10pm, DJ Korfus delivered an outstanding performance showcasing a variety of styles, blending house remixes of popular songs with fiery dubstep beats, rock tunes, hard techno, and trap. Towards the end of the evening, he was joined on stage by DJ Goblinza well-established figure in Montreal's drum and bass and jump-up scene for many years. Their performance got festival-goers dancing, catering to a wide range of tastes!

Feu et Glace 2024 Korfus
Korfus on Stage at Feu et Glace 2024
Feu et Glace Korfus Scene Gnucksquad
Photo Credit: Goblinz
Feu et glace scene gnucksquad korfus
Photo Credit: Goblinz
Feu et Glace Korfus Scene GnuckSquad 2 Goblinz
Photo Credit: Goblinz


Festival-goers had the chance to enjoy the fireworks display at 8:00 PM presented by Feux d’artifice Orion. It was quite a spectacle!

Feu et Glace Feux artifice orion
Feux d’artifices Orion

Baratanga also wandered through the crowd with their luminous percussion instruments.

Feu et Glace Baratanga
Foreground: Baratanga. Background: Korfus and Goblinz

Festival Feu et Glace

Le festival Feu et Glace took place from February 3rd to February 11th, 2024, at Parc de l'Île Lebel in Repentigny. The event featured a plethora of activities for the whole family, including ice skating, a Ferris wheel, fireworks, a magical forest, performances, local food stalls, and much more.

GnuckSquad is proud to have taken part in this great project!

Feu et Glace Korfus 2024 scene gnucksquad
Korfus at Feu et Glace
Feu et glace Korfus scene gnucksquad
Korfus at Feu et Glace

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