picnicroyal 2022 ufo stage


Stage creation and custom lighting for music events around Montreal. We mainly light electronic music shows, but we appreciate any kind of challenge!

We also plan music events (PicnicRoyal Festival, shows) as well as online streams. 🐧

Indoors or outdoors lighting

We are very inspired when the time comes to light a music show. Each event gets an original configuration! Browse our portefolio here.

PicnicRoyal Festival 2022 gnucksquad stage

PicnicRoyal Festival

Hosted in collaboration with RoyalDub Productions, PicnicRoyal Festival presents a variety of bass music artists performing on an exclusive scene and with lighting by GnuckSquad.

gnucksquad livestream veedee

GnuckSquad TV Streams

What's better than electronic music to warm long winter nights? GnuckSquad TV streams broadcast on our Twitch are also available on our Youtube!

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A touch of magic

Nous travaillons également fort pour apporter un peu de magie à la promotion des artistes locaux de la scène Québecoise de bass music.

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Système et services

We love creating! We are passionated by coding, electronics and mechanics. Our lighting software and console is home-made with love.

Follow the beat

An audio entry and an audio analysis algorithm allow each device to follow the music closely

Custom creations

On s’adapte au thème de votre soirée pour construire une scène ou une attraction lumineuse unique et sur mesure!


We have LED tubes in 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m and 2m format, easy to configure in many shapes and styles.


Different laser types for a great night! Laser bars with 6 RGB laser moving heads & lasers making carpets of multicolored lights dancing over the crowd

Pixel LEDs

We can plug many adressable RGB LEDs, from LED bars or tubes the the famous infinite mirrors star.


1000W multizone and multicolored strobes for an intense effect and 220W RGB parleds with various effect!

Moving heads

Our system controls moving head that follow the beat. They can follow main lighting color or strobe as desired.

DJ, mixer and subwoofers

Need a hand in finding the perfect DJ for your event, rent a mixer, or add some bass? Let us know, we can probably help you!